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How To's

Car Shopping Online

What happens next after you have submitted an online enquiry?

The true cost of owning a car

Tips to work out total cost of ownership

Pet Hair in Cars

Three quick steps to remove pet hair from your car!

Car Trade-in tips

Factors that will help you determine your trade-in value

Buying a car with a partner

Top tips on buying a car with your significant other

First time driving and buying tips

5 tips to buying your first car

How to shop for a car on Black Friday

Black Friday is a one-of-a-kind shopping day so, if you follow these tips, you could end up saving thousands of Rands on the car of your dreams.

Public or private transport?

Factors to help you decide between public and private transport

Financing a new car

Factors that you should consider when financing your car.

Going the Extra Mile

Traveling a far distance daily to get to work, will quickly bump up your mileage! You need to have a reliable car.

How to buy your first car

What to know when buying your first car.

Test Drive Tips

Tips on what to look out for when test driving a car.

How to protect your vehicle investment

How to properly take care of your car.

Getting the jump on batteries

How to safely jump-start your vehicle.

Checking the tread on your tyres could be a life-saver

Learn how to check your tyre tread.

Family growing? Time to get a family car

Tips to ensure the car you buy is safe to carry your precious cargo

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