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Use our Finance Calculator to work out what your monthly installments will be.

The first step in buying a new car is setting your budget. You’ll be driving your new baby for years to come, so you need to consider your current and future expenses when calculating your budget. If you plan on getting vehicle finance, use our online finance calculator to help work out what you can afford and what your monthly instalments will be.


Tip: You can reduce your monthly installments by paying a lump sum at the end of your finance term. Remember, your final interest rate on installments as well as your balloon payment or residual value are subject to a range of factors including your credit profile, any payable deposit, the age of the vehicle, and loan term.

What's not included in your monthly repayment calculation?

Once-off initiation fee: R1,140

Monthly banking service fee: R57

On the Road Charges: R5,000* (costs may vary dealer-to-dealer)

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